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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

It looks like Anathema's return visit to Tunisia is going to happen later rather than sooner. Please refer to the band's official site for any news regarding future performances.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Looking back at the South American tour it was pretty good fun on the whole. I must be unique in having had a flu bug a couple of days before heading to Mexico, only to then get rid of it whilst there. For me South America was a continent full of cool trucks, in all shapes, sizes and states of repair. A lot of vehicles are personalised in some way - from trinkets on the bumpers to full-on elaborate paint jobs. In Buenos Aires it seems a sign writer can make a pretty good living painting up the local buses. I imagine beef farmers can't be short of work there either. It's quite amazing what they'll allow on the roads in Mexico City - accident repair centres must follow the "no job too large" business ethos en masse. Internal flights between shows put European airlines to shame - the facilities on a two hour flight with Lan aced out those on the Iberian long hauls with ease. By the way, stern Iberia stewardess, three small cans of lager do not constitute "too much alcohol on a plane", particularly when there's still seven hours of flying to be endured. As expected we didn't have much of a chance to get stuck in to South America - our experience being airports, hotels and gigs as usual, but it was well worth it nonetheless. Unfortunately we had to do the entire trip without trusty drum tech "International" Mick Reed, so were forced to do as best we could when encountering non-English speakers, though I think we got by without causing too much embarrassment or offence. I sincerely hope to go back to South America someday, hopefully with a few more days off to have a wander about. Until then, it seems we're heading back to Tunisia at the end of the month so stay tuned for more news.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Just finished setting up the stage in a bloody big sports arena in Santiago. We're staying in the Sheraton which is a little too posh for us in my opinion, particularly since our trip from the airport took us past many shanty towns. The weather has been beautiful - warm and sunny - though our promoter assures us that it's supposed to be cold and global warming is to blame. In light of recent events over the Atlantic everyone's feeling a little nervous about the fourteen hour flight to Madrid tomorrow. A few ales before take-off might be in order.