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Friday, 17 October 2008

We're at the Columbia Club in former east Berlin today, next door to the Columbia Hall where "Disturbed" are playing very American metal. It's a shame we're far from the city centre as Berlin is one city I wouldn't have minded having a look around. Maybe next time. Unfortunately I've succumbed to "bunk flu" over the last couple of days which is a real pain as loud noises are making my head hurt - certainly not ideal in this job. Hopefully it'll clear up quickly and won't spread to the others, although Demians sound guy Junn is already showing the early symptoms. Just down the road there's parked a big blue double-decker coach with a trailer which looks pretty much exactly the same as ours - the only difference is that theirs has "StarRiders" written on it and ours has "Jayline". I imagine it's like Father Dick Byrne's Rugged Island parish in Father Ted where there's an alter-ego/nemesis for each of us. You know what?  I really really hate their guitar tech and I haven't even met him yet.  A new driver is being flown in this evening as Lloyd is due a couple of days off and we have a monumental drive (seventeen hours) to Warsaw approaching after the Copenhagen gig on Sunday. Apparently it's touch and go if we'll make it at all, and if we do it may be a case of slinging the gear on the stage with little or no soundcheck, otherwise known as "Festival Style".

I've just had a quick look from behind the stage while Demians are playing and the place looks pretty packed. Cool.

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info said...

Sound like you had more fun than I did on the 17th.

It was my birthday,

who was it that sang 'hope i die before i get old'.