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Saturday, 28 February 2009


We're having a much more relaxed time of things in Blois. The weather's been great again and we're about to have drinks before dinner. Chris is going to have a fun night as his current (KatieJane) and ex girlfriend are both here tonight, but then again he has been married three times so it's all his own fault.

When looking at the poster shown above I get the feeling someone had a bit of a laugh when asked by a French blues rock band, "What would be a good name for our group? We want to be popular in England."


Anonymous said...

Dude the lock thing is very funny, so is da blog. say hi to C. have fun.

Anonymous said...


great blog. Keep it up and don't let the bad weather get to you! I am really enjoying this whole trip across the French countryside! You could write "On the Road"..with Anathema ...seriously. Fantastic!