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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Back home...

...in London for a few days before heading back to the bungalow to help Anathema finish the album. We returned from Tunisia minus one rather expensive Les Paul guitar which in all likelihood went missing from the Acropolium sometime between Friday and Monday when we were denied access. Also one piece of hold baggage was removed from the connecting flight to Manchester in Paris. This happened to be Jay's bass, so we're down two guitars on the deal. The bass is traceable fortunately. So if any of you good people in Tunisia come across a wine red flame top Gibson Les Paul in a black Gibson case, possibly with an Anathema sticker on it, I'd be awfully grateful if you'd let me know. You can leave a message on this blog.

What a massive pain in the arse that all was then. In spite of everything though, I'd like to say that I and the band have nothing against the Tunisian people - what happened during our visit was a series of unfortunate events. We would like nothing better than to return to play the concert, which judging by the fans we met will be an amazing event. All being well Anathema will return sometime very soon so keep your eyes peeled for news. In the meantime, the next stop is Romania on April 29th.

See you in a couple of weeks.


Sheima said...

Oh my gosh!!!
it is such a shame to hear that one of the band's guitars is missing :s
it's awful to not let Anathema play in a concert that one thousand people have been waiting for since many years..and more awful to hear such a bad news about the guitar!!!
i am really sorry for every thing!! and i'll still hope that you are coming back here in Tunisia..we all miss you and are waiting for you for the not too distant future :)

Anathema-fan said...

I really hope someone here will find it. Like Sheima said, it's such a shame to hear this!
After all, I still wait for the band to come back and play that concert, and make this envy disappear.

credal said...

"the next stop is Romania on April 29th."
I can hardly wait untill then.

I'm sorry about the missing guitar.

lisasomething said...

I'm very sorry about all these problems you've been through.

And about the concert in Tunisia, that's even worse! I'm from Brazil (Rio de janeiro) and i'm going to spend a lot of money just to go to Buenos Aires for two days, just to see Anathema. If something like this happens at the most important day of my life, I wouldn't know what to do. I'd rather die, really.

Haha, no, just kidding, I have to live to check out the new upcoming album and pray for the band to come to Brazil (again, but this time, with no trouble).

honeytofla said...

Sorry for hearing that :(
and hoping that this won't happen again..
anyway, we'll be waiting for another moments with you guys , thanks for everything :)

One Fan said...

Hey Zorro ! give the guitar back to the band !!!

mohamed said...

hi darryl are you sure you that it was not in the hotel ? we doing our best to find it !

mohammed chedly said...

hey ,
Today i found this advertissement in Tunisian metal forum it's about Gibson les Paul the topic was created 05th april and the guitar was already sold on ebay so i really hope that you can find at least the person who bought this guitar
These are the links :
and this is the ebay one :

mohammed chedly said...

I 'm sorry the ebay link isn't clear but you can found it in the topic of the forum
sorry about my english x)