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Thursday, 7 May 2009


Having a morning cuppa in the new Traveller's Arms (not quite as charming as our last mobile local but we're working on it) on "the Cream Machine" while driver John steers us through big open plains and the odd town towards Bilbao after shows in Lisbon and Porto. I like the new bus, mainly because there's only ten of us on board this time. The bunks are a little bigger and the toilet has rocks in it (either turd deterrent or ornamental piss-feature, we can't decide which) but on the whole it's business as usual. Portugal is a great country - like a grander version of Spain. We had a spectacularly tasty meal by the waterfront in Lisbon, enjoyed to the sound of a swarm of giant hornets (actually traffic noise from the nearby bridge) and then headed for the old town to sample the traditional Portuguese drink known locally as "a bucket of vodka with ice in it". Les' birthday was celebrated after the Lisbon show with a huge cake and happy birthday sung repeatedly to him by a nutter. Porto is a typographer's dream - elegant buildings with cool lettering and neon signs everywhere you look. Multi-skilled Mick Reed joined fine support act Leafblade with his djembe drum last night, managing to squeeze in rehearsals during breaks from his new job as chief lampshade designer for the tour.


ABBAconjamón said...
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ABBAconjamón said...

Cheers for the post!
Hope you guys are having as much fun as we are these days on the "Anathema's tour" hehe

I've been to 1 of the 2 shows in Portugal (they were remarkable! watched the 2nd via youtube)& tonite gonna see you in Madrid.
Best of luck to you all!

ps: Portugal a classier version of Spain? in what sense? *confused*

take care, xxx

Darryl Anthony said...

Grander version - I changed it.

Adelia said...

yey!!!I was there!I was there!!Hurray for Incrível Almadense!!!:p Darryl...u really r a lucky guy! enjoy all of it at its most!:) Cheers and hope u enjoy Spain...despite having already performed in the best country ever:p

gRun80 said...

Hey!! I'll see you tonight! I hope you a good concert.

Rudy W. Martins said...

Ok, Rudy here reporting from the public in Almada!

What a fu$%&' great gig! I bet you guys had no idea of the massive audience that the Portuguese are!

Seriously, I'd been at Paradise Garage back in '04, and it was a great show, although I always thought of Anathema as medium sized room band, and not fit for open air festivals. I think the atmosphere of Incrivel Almadense, the audiences' presence, that 'One Last Goodbye' that shread Vincent to tears... Come on, let's face it, it was out of this world.

Well, if by any chance Vincent or Danny get to read these lines, I would like to shoutout some words.

Vincent, you've kept my friends pen... I believe he wants it back to sell it on eBay or something...

Danny, I'me very disappointed at you.. Told me you were in a hurry to get up on stage to start the Leafblade's performance, and that you give me that autograph later... you never showed up... I asked you're brother to drag you out but, in vain... Next time in Portugal, you and I are gonna settle some scores... ;)

Cheers everyone, and good luck with the rest of the tour.

Rudy W.