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Friday, 18 February 2011


Sat in the Blackbird ale and pie house in Earls Court, immensely satisfied after scoffing one of their delicious speciality pies. The sold out show at the Scala last night marked the end of a hugely successful UK tour which saw audiences swelling (in the nicest possible way) and new territories conquered. Highlights included the backstage facilities at the Assembly in Leamington - Tammy Wynette's ornate sixties touring caravan and an even older fairground dodgem among the artefacts thoughtfully provided for our amusement. A couple of days earlier in Nottingham I missed out on a late night seance in caves under an old pub due to tour fatigue - the landlady of said establishment reportedly able to summon ghosts at will (yeah, right - why's it not the focal point of some serious scientific research then?) by getting gullible punters to hold hands in a circle in the dark. What she hadn't banked on was Anathema turning the pointless spectacle into an impromptu round of hokey-cokey. I'm sure the dead (had they turned up) would have found it most amusing. Another highlight for me was being able to watch North Atlantic Oscillation play their set every night. Shame they're not staying with us.

We set off tonight for Lille and the first of nine shows in France.

Merch spiv Brian Moss in the Noddy car in Leamington. Below is Tammy Wynette's caravan.

And for the record, I don't believe for one minute that Danny got his shiner by walking into a tree in Sheffield. I reckon he most likely bumped heads with Ken Clark.


Anonymous said...

Great seeing the guys play on the 3 gigs we went to.
The caves in notts will stay with me for along time piss funny.
Dean and Chris

Sam NAO said...


Rocking out to the Cardiacs back here in Edinburgh. Hope you're all having fun in France! We had a genuinely great time being part of the Anathema juggernaut. Definitely the most enjoyable touring experience so far for us. Hope our paths cross again in future.

- Sam NAO

P.S. Matt was the one person I never managed to say goodbye to in London. Can you pass on my regards?

Darryl Anthony said...

Cheers Sam, was a pleasure this end too. I'll give Matt a kick in the nuts for you.