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Sunday, 27 February 2011


Back in the Antipode where I did sound for Ruby Throat a couple of years ago and we seem to have arrived in the middle of a cigarette smoking convention. Also, rather worryingly, the catering lady puked into a waste paper bin while preparing our sandwiches. Things have been a little subdued of late - the dressing room in Caen was rifled and laptops, wallets and phones were taken. Still, last show today and everyone seems pretty chipper, if a little hung over.

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Alexandra said...

We really are sorry for what happened in Caen, and also pretty ashamed!
It spoiled a very warm and cheary night!!!!
I'm sad an asshole is responsible for all of us for your bad memories! I hope the band liked the show despite all that shit! >It makes me aaaaaaaaaaangry! i'm spreading the word on Anathema's facebook, on Le CArgö's facebook too, and around. We never know! Shame can make them give stuff back. it MUST be someone from the local team, right???? And Caen is a small town.
We'll keep you posted if anything comes out!