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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


It seems like I fell asleep in London, had a seemingly never-ending nightmare about planes, then woke up feeling knackered in Mexico. It turns out this is all true, apart from the falling asleep bit. Twelve hours on a plane is a long time, and I was awake for every sodding second of it (not to mention the previous connecting flight as well). There were some breathtaking sights as we flew over the Bahamas though (see above). It was pretty chaotic at Mexico City airport - wheelchair-bound officials were helped by thermal imaging cameras to spot fever to make sure no-one had swine flu, while sniffer dogs looked diligently for naughty stuff in baggage. Customs officials invited everyone to play the "press the button" game - you press a button - a green light means pass through, a red light means you're searched. All passed except Danny, though he didn't get too much hassle. The drive to the hotel was nuts as expected - no driving regulations to speak of and some very interesting vehicles. Nice food at the hotel, though the fact that the peso and dollar signs are so similar had me wondering if we were in one of the worlds most expensive restaurants ($178.00 for a steak!?).

Off to the venue now. Lets see what awaits.


axa said...

glad to see you're already in mexico. i'll catch a flight after "dayjob" to get to your show. i live in northeast mexico, 1000 kilometers far away from mexico city. yeiiiii

178 mexican pesos is around 13.5 us dollars. not that pricey!

Faridee said...

Woohoooooo we're sooo ready for the show, sadly we're all heading there after work which kind of sucks, this show should've been on a friday!

Anyhow, really looking forward for the show, it's been long since the last time the guys were here, i'm ready to rock tonight!

Look for the REGRET tshirts, first row! hahaha.

Best of lucks tonight.

ninatalia said...

That picture... Probably will see something like that tomorrow flying in Australia :) Why can't I be in two places at the same time????? Being in Mexico and seeing the brothers would be awesome! Hopefully soon! I think I'm gonna make a petition so they will come to Poland again!!! Have fun in Mexico and keep an eye on the brothers and the rest of the band :)

Tim Haigh said...

Hey Darryl

glad you got there safely. I just watched the Iron Maiden movie about their 2008 tour. What I can say is that the Latin American fans look crazy and much more enthusiastic about Metal than any of the other countries featured in the film. So I think you will have a good time.

see you when you get back , Tim.